Are your books coming on audio?


That's absolutely the plan, but audio is expensive and time consuming, so it's going to take me a little while to get there. Please bear with me!

Are all your books  dark?


Every book that's published under this pen name is dark. You shouldn't expect light and fluffy when you come into the Brighterverse

Do your books really need to have content warnings?


And honestly, I could probably do a better job with warnings. They're absolutely necessary. Take care of yourself, okay?

I commented and you never got back to me. What gives?

I miss stuff.

I get a lot of comments on a lot of different sites, so it's hard for me to keep track of it. If you need me to see something, please e-mail me at Thank you!

Are all your books available in print?


The majority of my books are available in print, but some anthologies and the like are simply too thick for Amazon to print. Additionally, some stories are simply too small for it to make sense, so they'll never be in print. If there's a novel you want in print and it still isn't up on Amazon, I'm probably working on it. Give me a bit, okay? Print is my nemesis.

Are all your books available in Spanish?


Just scroll down when you go on my Amazon page to find my Spanish books. Puedes escribirme en español también!

I won a giveaway but I haven't gotten anything. Why?

Did you check your spam?

If you have won a digital giveaway (of a book or a gift card), you should receive that within 24 - 48 hours after you've won. If you have won a physical giveaway, you have 30 days to claim it after you've been e-mailed. If you haven't, it'll go to the next person in line and so on and so forth. So check your spam, and if you're not sure, feel free to email me.

What are your pronouns?

She or they.

Which charities do you support?


Currently, I'm participating in I Am The Fire, an anthology aimed at raising money for reproductive rights in the USA. In the last year, I've attempted to help raise funds for access to safe, potable water charities and Shy Wolf Sanctuary.

Personally, the Trevor Project is also one of my prefered charitable organizations.